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General Questions

Wolfies (Caramel Pecan Pattie), Almond Butter Toffee, French Chocolates (hand rolled item-truffle center rolled in chocolate sprinkles), Caramels, Dark Raspberry Creams, Milk Peanut Butter Cups, Milk Peanut Clusters.

Fudge is a different price per pound and is sold in thicker blocks, so we do not co-mingle our box chocolates with fudge boxes.

The main difference is the traditional box is only Milk and Dark Chocolate. The Deluxe has Milk, Dark and White Chocolate. Additionally, the Deluxe has a few more premium items (truffles, peanut butter cups) and less creams.

Allergy Questions

Yes. We do not use any raw materials that contain gluten and instead of using flour for a non-sticky agent on boards we use powder sugar.

If the recipe has marshmallow cream in it then it contain a small amount of egg. The label on the marshmallow creme says contains less than 2% of egg. Candy that contains marshmallow cream are Creams, Truffles, Cherry Cordials, Cream Centered Peanut Clusters and Angel Cups.

Not completely. The only thing close to dairy free would be plain dark chocolate and dark chocolate nut clusters. There is butterfat in our dark chocolate though, so for some it’s not significant enough regarding levels of dairy but for others if you are zero tolerance then we are not dairy free to you.

Well, we investigated this but decided it wasn’t really necessary. We don’t use any animal meat or animal fat, nor do we use red dye from insects. We do use dairy products strictly from cows. So, we can’t say we are Kosher since we did not have a Rabbi confirm our ingredients, but it appears we would comply with the standards regarding raw materials.

Yes, we do, and the sweetener substitute is Maltitol. One known side effect is that these chocolates have additional fat added to offset the loss of sucrose so they are not dietetic but a great alternative if you can’t consume sugar. Additionally, for some the Maltitol can have a diuretic effect, so we encourage people to eat in moderation. We do not make our sugar free chocolates but buy from a reputable chocolate company that we believe makes the best sugar free. We also don’t co-mingle our chocolates with sugar free chocolates. They are a different price per pound, and we clearly want the consumer to know when they are eating our chocolates versus a sugar-free product.

Storage Questions

Yes, and when you take it out of the freezer let it defrost slowly. If the surface has any white speckles or streaks that is just the sugar blooming due to moisture and will not affect the taste.

We like to say 90 days. It can last longer but we believe the optimum time to consume would be 90 days maintained in an air-conditioned environment. Freezing will extend this way farther.

Shipping Questions

This all depends on the shipping destination zip code. We utilize both UPS and USPS. Typically, in Indiana it is next day going ground via UPS and California would be 4 days for example. USPS is 2-3 days for Indiana and surrounding states. Then 3-5 days for farther destinations. USPS is less expensive than UPS on smaller packages (less than 6 pounds) and rural destinations. Bulk shipping will always go UPS as it becomes less expensive than USPS over 6 pounds unless the customer specifies the shipper.

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