Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream

Gourmet dark chocolate with a soft creamy raspberry flavored center.

Remember when you’d bite the corners off the pieces in the cheap box looking for the caramel or nut to aviod those creams? Not anymore! Our creams are made the old fashion way, cooked cream centers. We take pure cane sugar and dissolve it in water and cook it to temperature in a shining copper kettle (Bubba). We pour the clear jello-like syrup into a huge mixer to cool to room temperature. We then add marshmallow and pure vanilla, turn on the mixer and in a few minutes, walla, our Vanilla Cream. All of our creams begin exactly the same way. If it’s a maple cream we’ll add Maple Syrup and fresh Pecans. If it’s a Butter Cream we add Pure Butter and yes if it’s a Raspberry, Orange or Strawberry Cream then yes, we add Pure Rasberry, Orange or Strawberry. The Head Candy Makers favorite piece of candy, Dark Butter Creams..

The creams are wicked delicious and sweet. Try them you won’t be disappointed and you’ve probably never had anything like them.

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